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"Rhianna: The First Years"

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1 hour 34 mins playing time
Featuring AB Rhianna and Mommy Veronica

This is the ultimate adult baby movie of all time.

Over one and a half hours you follow the first few years of Adult Baby Rhianna's life

The story opens in March 2008 the day new mummy Veronica arrives home from hospital having just given birth to a beautiful adult baby girl.
She has her in her bed, admiring and doting on her perfect new arrival. She gives Rhianna her breast feed and first diaper change at home

Next it is a month later and Rhianna is napping in her cot. When she wakes she needs to be diapered and breast fed before lots of cuddles

Forward to 2009 and Rhianna is sitting on the kitchen floor making lots of noise banging on pots and pans whilst her mummy prepares her dinner. Then with Rhianna secure in the high chair she spoon feeds her hungry little girl who is more interested in playing with her food.

Rhianna gets good all over herself so it is straight into the tub for a fun and sudsy bath

Now it is 2010 and time to be weaned off her pacifier. But Rhianna will not give in and throws a tantrum when her mommy takes her pacifiers away from her and throws them into the trash. Veronica does not put up with tantrums so a little spanking and time on the naughty mat is in order

Another year passes and both AB Rhianna and her mommy are working very hard on toilet training. Each morning she wakes hoping to be dry but so far just disappointment and more diapers. When will she ever be a big girl?
Time is running our because she starts school the following year

Now it is early 2012 and Rhianna has had a dry diaper during the day. Mummy Veronica has been taking her to the toilet but still wants her to wear diapers just in case.

Then one morning June Rhianna wakes totally dry. She is so happy and excited. Now she can wear training pants like big girls do. She is so looking forward to going to school like the older kids next door

August 2012 and at last the school year has started. Mummy Veronica dresses her pretty and excited not-so-little girl in her school uniform and panties. Rhianna happily heads out to take the bus with her friends from next door

But later in the day she comes back from school and walks into the nursery, closes the door, drops to the floor and sucks her thumb cuddling her teddy bear.

Her concerned mummy enters the room and asks "What's wrong?" Rhianna says it is nice being a big girl but sometimes she misses being a baby. Her mummy then realises Rhianna had an accident at school and thoroughly wet her panties.

"Aww, don't worry sweetheart" she says "You will always be my little baby girl. First we need to clean you up then rub in some nice smelling baby powder and put a diaper on you. Just like we used to, remember?"

Rhianna sobbed a little and nodded her approval. Once Veronica had Rhianna freshly diapered and out of her school clothes she cradled her in her arms.
Rhianna cuddled in against her breasts and her mouth involuntarily opened. Veronica realised what she needed and undid her bra to breast feed her.

Finally with a full tummy she nodded off in her arms just like she used to do. Mummy Veronica is loving the thought of having her little baby girl back again..

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